This cookie notice applies when you use ز,Ȳַ ######### University websites, which includes any website this notice is specifically linked to. It may be supplemented by additional cookie notices, or terms provided on certain areas of the websites. This Cookie Notice is subject to our Privacy Policy.

What are?cookies?

When you visit a website, a cookie can be placed on your device. It is a text file that helps identify you to the website. A cookie does not gather personal data from your computing device; generally, it stores information related to your interaction with the?website.

What types of cookies are?there?


These cookies, often set to support website functionality, are generated directly by the website that you are?visiting.


These cookies, often set to collect statistics or provide targeted advertising, are generated by a separate domain or third-party services that the website is?using.

How long are cookies?stored?

The expiration period of a cookie is set by the website or provider and depends on how the cookie is used?functionally.


These temporary cookies get cleared when you close your browser. If you return to the website in the future, the website will see you as a new?user.


These cookies get preserved even after you close your browser. If you return to the website in the future, the website will recognize that you are a returning?visitor.

What cookies does this website?use?

First-party session?cookies:

  • Drupal/PHP?Functionality
  • Javascript?Functionality

Third-party domains & services that set persistent & session?cookies:

  • Connect.ز,Ȳַ (ز,Ȳַ ######### University?Admission)
  • Google?Analytics
  • Technolutions
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Crazy Egg

How do I manage?cookies?

You can delete cookies from your computer entirely or you can set controls and preferences through your browsers settings. You can also use online tools for more control over cookies: and For more information, also visit

It is important to note that disabling or limiting cookies may affect the functionality of websites that you?visit.

To opt out of Google Analytics tracking, visit Google Tools.


This information and the list of cookies are current as of November?2023.

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