Please join us for A Conversation with John Kropf '84 - Author of Color Capital of the World on February 16.

Join us as John Kropf ’84 discusses his new book, “Color Capital of the World” with ز,Ȳַ ######### Professor Julie Mujic.

Join us as John Kropf ’84 discusses his new book, “Color Capital of the World” with ز,Ȳַ ######### Professor Julie Mujic.

During this live event, John will discuss why he chose to write about the crayon and share more about his new book, “Color Capital of the World: Growing Up with the Legacy of a Crayon Company.” Following the Civil War, three entrepreneurial families took their innovative ideas for school chalk from the kitchen stove and transformed them into the American Crayon Company. “Color Capital of the World” tells this story through the eyes of one of the founding family’s descendants, tracing the cycle of build, boom, and bust. Attendees will come away feeling a greater appreciation of the human story behind the crayon and the Ohio town that produced more crayons and paints than anywhere in the world. Julie Mujic, assistant professor of Global Commerce, will serve as moderator. You won’t want to miss this special event!

Registrants can purchase “Color Capital of the World” on Amazon or directly from the publisher.

This event is exclusively available to members of the ز,Ȳַ ######### community. Attendees will be emailed the Zoom link in their registration confirmation and before the event.

A?bout the author

John Kropf ’84 was born in Sandusky and raised in Erie County, Ohio. He is also the author of “Unknown Sands: Journeys Around the Worlds Most Isolated Country” which Publishers Weekly praised as a fascinating narrative bound to hook adventurers. His writing has appeared in The Baltimore Sun, Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Washington Post, and elsewhere. He is an attorney in the Washington, D.C. area.

A?bout the moderator

Julie Mujic is an assistant professor in Global Commerce. She joined the faculty in 2018. Dr. Mujic earned a B.S. in Business from Indiana University-Bloomingtons Kelley School of Business with majors in Accounting and Operations Management, as well as an M.A. and Ph.D. in History from Kent State University. Dr. Mujic pursues an active research agenda that focuses on the historical impact of war on society. She is particularly focused on the Midwestern home front during the American Civil War, including the wartime role of the region as a global supplier of agricultural and manufactured goods. She also serves on the Westerville Public Library Board of Trustees, the Ohio Academy of History Executive Council, and is a co-founder of Humanities Happy Hour in Central Ohio.

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